Quick Review of the Nissan Leaf 2016

The best all electric car overall and that I have seen so far is the Nissan Leaf 2016. It is capable of running about 120 miles in one charge. It can be charged in 30 minutes or less on a level 3 quick charge port. It charges in about two hours with a level two charger using it’s 6 kilowatt charger. The level two charger uses 240 volts to charge. It may take up to 21 hours on a household outlet which is a level one charger. This charger uses 120 volts. The benefits of this car is that it uses no gas, it is environmentally friendly while running(of off), and is virtually maintenance free. I’ve had to add air on the tires in the past six months of using it, that is the only real maintenance I’ve done to it. I highly recommend the purchase of this car if you are looking for the most economical ride possible and you are on a budget.


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