About me


I am a software development student at Herzing, hard working builder, a non-custodial father, and a father’s rights activist. I must fight for my rights as a parent in order to be able see my daughter and protect her welfare from those who alienate parents for welfare support. I support ALL parents who have lost their kids for no reason. My daughter was witheld from me for months, I pay $745.85 a month in child support. I am currently allowed ONLY four hours a week visitation. My story begins in 2014 with the birth of my daughter. All seemed well for a short time, problems began with the upbringing of my child between the ex and I, until all of a sudden I was not allowed to pick up my daughter from the babysitter due to the ex’s personality disorders. I had managed the babysitting of my child prior to her taking control, this new babysitter supported her decision to cause parental alienation of my daughter and I. I clearly told my ex and the babysitter that I needed to pick up my daughter, because Ariana is my daughter! I was told I could only pickup after paying money to my ex and the address of where my kid is being babysit was kept secret from me, even though I asked from the beginning where is my daughter staying at while I’m away??? The babysitter probably quit, after some I had a brief discussion over the phone with her. Where is my daughter being taken care of????? Where is she while I’m away???? Then the papers were filed and it became an order. I became a “pay to be a visitor” to my child, realizing parental rights go out the window when coming into court. Being the good parent and being nice to the opposing side does not win you any points in court. After taking my daughter back legally from my ex, and initially asking for shared custody, a gag order was created with the help of my ex’s lies and her attorney. The child abuser currently has temporary custody. Unfortunately people have taken her side and believe that the court system is fine as is. This couldn’t be more wrong!! This is where I’m at, this is my battle for my rights to be a parent to my daughter. Let’s see what happens next.




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